Donald M. Jones is a Montana based Wildlife Photographer specializing in all forms of North American Wildlife, from the Arctic to the Deserts from the Swamps to the Mountains and everywhere in between. Don's images are created from his overwhelming passion for being outdoors with his cameras in tow. What began as a young boy with binoculars swaying from his neck and a bird book wedged into his back pocket in suburban Chicago has now transformed into a living dream.

All of Don's Wildlife subjects are just that, Wild. Don refuses to photograph any subjects that are Pets or are confined to Zoos or Game Farms. His work is authentic, and his message is "Keep the Wild in Wildlife".

As a full-time Professional Wildlife Photographer since 1993, Don has established himself as a driven individual in a saturated market by continually offering his clients new and refreshing images and subject matter year after year. His more than 900 magazine covers and 13 Books, which he has been credited with over his career, are testament to this.

Some of Don's clients include Audubon, Sierra, National Wildlife Federation, Field & Stream, Time, Outdoor Life, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, Columbia Sportswear, BBC Wildlife, Sports Afield, Canadian Wildlife Federation, Frontier Airlines, LL Bean, Cabela's, BBC and the World Wildlife Fund.

Don currently resides in the small town of Troy, Montana with his wife and soulmate, Tess.